Starting from silence, ending with a full sample replay of one of the most iconic breakbeats of all time.

This bundle includes Part 1 - Recording the Drums and Part 2 - Mixing the Drums.

Here's the complete tutorial: starting with a bare drum riser, session drummer Dylan Wissing and mix engineer Cooper Anderson take you through every step of the process of producing a finished sample replay of the legendary "Funky Drummer" breakbeat. 

So often in the world of recording, there can be an element of mystery to the various phases involved. When recording drums, you may have absolutely no idea what the mix engineer is going to do with them. When mixing drums, you may have no idea what went into getting the raw drum sounds. 

The Complete Recording and Mixing Tutorial shows you the entire sample recreation process from start to finish. You'll learn:

  • Selecting, tuning, muffling and treating the instruments
  • Choosing and placing the microphones
  • Treating the recording space
  • Choosing mic preamps
  • Prepping files
  • EQ, compression, gating,  saturation and other drum mixing techniques
  • Sound design

Dylan and Cooper have been contributing their skills and knowledge to some of the biggest records of the past two decades by Alicia Keys, John Legend, Drake, fun., Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem, Future, Wu Tang Clan and many more. 

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CREATING THE SOUND OF THE FUNKY DRUMMER | Complete Recording & Mixing Bundle

Ready to get the "Funky Drummer" sound? We'll show you how to do it!