Conversations on Recording, Mixing & the World of Sample Replays

EP 2 - Alan Leeds on King Studios & the Funky Drummer Breakbeat

Alan Leeds was James Brown's publicist and tour director, centered in the King Studios office where the legendary "Funky Drummer" track was recorded. Alan sheds light on the recording session, the musicians and engineers involved, and details on the studio itself, all based on first-hand experience.
Alan Leeds with James Brown on the cover of his book

EP 1 - Exploring the Funky Drummer Breakbeat with Dylan Wissing | Drum History Podcast

This James Brown song from 1969 made a very small splash at first, until it's beat was re-discovered in the 80's and changed the world of music forever. Dylan Wissing and Bart van der Zee of the Drum History Podcast take a deep dive into Clyde Stubblefield's "Funky Drummer" breakbeat, including how and where it was recorded, the gear he used, the impact on music, and Clyde's legacy.

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