Recreating the Classic Memphis Soul Breakbeat by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas

Every step of the recording process - starting from a bare drum riser, all the way through to the final finished mix.

Capturing the soul, punch and swagger of one of the greatest session drummers of all time, Al Jackson Jr., recording in one of the world's most iconic studios, Stax Records, is no easy task. Jackson's feel and touch on the drums is legendary, and the unique acoustics of the former converted movie theater in Memphis, Tennessee (demolished long ago) are difficult to replicate.

But it can be done. Session drummer Dylan Wissing (Alicia Keys, John Legend, Drake) and Mix Engineer Cooper Anderson (Wu-Tang Clan, Future, Fun.) teach you every step of the process, from choosing and tuning the instruments, microphones and preamps, to session prep, mixing, compression, choosing reverbs, and processing and mastering the final finished breakbeat.

Memphis Soul has influenced the world since the 1960s, and continues to be heard today - from the original songs, chopped and repurposed as breakbeats, to the countless covers of those same songs, the sound and feel of Stax Records is still felt today. It's an incredible sound, and this course shows you how to achieve it in your own studio. 

GETTING THE SOUND OF MEMPHIS SOUL DRUMS | Complete "Tramp" Breakbeat Recording & Mixing Bundle

GETTING THE SOUND OF MEMPHIS SOUL DRUMS | Recording the "Tramp" Breakbeat

  • Dylan Wissing demonstrates every step of the process of recording and recreating the drums, starting with a bare riser and continuing through to the final recorded drum tracks.
  • 38 videos, total running time 2h 19m


  • Using the raw "Tramp" drum tracks, Cooper Anderson demonstrates and explains the mixing process to turn them into a final recreation of the original breakbeat.
  • 25 videos, total running time 2h 50m

The real value of this bundle is being able to follow every element of a full-on breakbeat sample recreation project from the ground up. There is an enormous amount of high-level information in these courses, imparted from seasoned professionals who have been doing the work at a top level for decades. These techniques will dramatically improve your drum recordings!

GETTING THE SOUND OF MEMPHIS SOUL DRUMS | Complete "Tramp" Breakbeat Recording & Mixing Bundle

Everything you need to know to replicate the sound, feel and vibe of this legendary recording.
Getting the

Meet Your Instructors

Dylan Wissing exploded onto the international scene drumming on Alicia Keys’ smash hit “Girl on Fire.” His credits include drum tracks for Kanye West, Drake, John Legend, Eminem, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Needtobreathe and many more. Drawing from a huge collection of instruments, both cutting-edge modern and crusty vintage, Dylan creates live drum loops and samples with vibe for days from his own Triple Colossal Studios. Dylan is an endorser of GMS Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Innovative Percussion Sticks, and TnR Products.

Dylan Wissing

Session Drummer, Engineer

Meet Your Instructors

Producer, mix engineer and musician Cooper Anderson's work appears with artists like Kanye West, John Legend, Future, Rick Ross, Ghostface Killah, and the Diamond-selling record "We Are Young" by Fun. Graduating with honors from the Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production and Engineering, Cooper has been active in the NYC recording scene ever since, including work on the top-secret "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" by Wu Tang Clan.

Cooper Anderson

Producer, Mix Engineer