What were the microphones that recorded Clyde Stubblefield and Al Jackson Jr.?

How do you get that classic 60s Soul / Funk drum sound, the sound of breakbeats from James Brown and Stax Records? We visited Alan Venitosh, Director of Operations at TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, to discuss the vintage mics that captured the drums on those legendary sessions, and how to get that same sound today.

Dylan and Alan discuss the classic (now vintage) microphones that were used in those late-60s sessions, issues with using those same mics today, and modern alternatives. 

  • In-depth discussions of the microphones and mic positions used in these classic recording sessions.
  • History from the original sessions
  • Issues associated with using vintage mics today.
  • Modern alternatives to these same mics.
  • Extensive audio shootouts examining four mic positions.
  • 26 minutes, 16 videos

THE 60s SOUL / FUNK DRUM SOUND | with TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik

  • 01


    • Introduction

    • What Makes a "Vintage" Sound?

    • Explaining the Mic Positions

  • 02

    MIC POSITION: Mono Overhead

    • Mic Position: Mono Overhead

    • Shootout: Mono Overhead

    • Choosing the Mic That's Right For You

    • Issues With Vintage Tube Microphones

  • 03

    MIC POSITION: Snare Shell

    • Mic Position: Snare Shell

    • Shootout: Snare Shell

    • Dylan's Dream Snare Drum Microphone

  • 04

    MIC POSITION: Bass Drum

    • Mic Position: Bass Drum

    • Shootout: Bass Drum

    • Issues With Vintage Dynamic Microphones

  • 05

    MIC POSITION: Kit Center / Kit Crush

    • Mic Position: Kit Center

    • Shootout: Kit Center

  • 06

    Closing Thoughts

    • Closing Thoughts

Gear used in this course:


Mono Overhead:

  • TELEFUNKEN U47 (vintage)
  • Neumann U67 (vintage)

Snare Shell:

  • RCA 77-DX (vintage)
  • Neumann KM84 (vintage)

Bass Drum: 

  • Electro-Voice Model 666 (vintage)
  • AKG D12 E (vintage)

Kit Center:

  • Northern Electric 633a "Saltshaker" (vintage)
  • AKG D19 (vintage) 

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